July 26, 2006

Beautiful Malaysian Model: Carmen Soo

Carmen Soo is a hot Malaysian girl that has been around for quite a while, but she is still Soo Soo beautiful, sexy, and adorable.

Borned and raised in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Carmen Soo is mixed as her mother is an English, hence the good looks. Personally, I think she looks very Chinese and she is considered quite "petite" in her profession.

She has different kinds of looks; sometimes, she looks so cold and sophisticated, but sometimes, she looks just like a sweet girl-next-door. I guess it's the requirement that a model has to look rather different in every photo shoot.
If you can't read Chinese, the magazine cover shot below basically said that Carmen is Malaysians' pride. She definitely is, appearing in a Hong Kong movie with Jackie Chan and Shu Qi, even though it was just a very tiny part.

All in all though, Carmen is beautiful Malaysian sweetheart. Amber Chia is certainly the sexy and spicy one, but Carmen is sweet and adorable. Both are beautiful Malaysian girls.

Sexy Malaysian Model: Amber Chia

Amber Chia - a Chinese Malaysian girl from East Malaysia is currently the hottest and sexiest Malaysian girl now. She shot to fame after beating fierce competition and snatched the Guess Watch spokemodel contract. She is now the face of Guess Watch in all their campaigns worldwide.

Just check out her luscious, full, and kissalicious lips...I bet even Angelina Jolie would envy her. No wonder she is the IT girl in the Malaysian modeling / entertainment circle now.

A few months ago, when Playboy Indonesian launched in, Amber Chia was featured as the center spread. She looks so sexy and she has this very contemporary look that makes me weak in the knees. Her beauty is timeless. Argh...those bee-stung lips and smoky eyes look are killing me!

Other than beauty, she is also a Malaysian girl with lots of brain. She studies Computer Science and can speak a few languages and loves to cook, especially dessert! You just can't beat that.

With her killer looks and talents, I am sure that she can advance her career even more. I am not sure about you, but I definitely would like to see this Malaysian hottie more! More sexy and beautiful pictures of Amber, including a rare bikini top image.

About Malaysian Girls

When it comes to beautiful girls, Malaysia has its fair share of them. Although Malaysian beauties are rather unknown outside of Asia, we have some of the hottest, sexiest, and prettiest girls around. Just take a walk around KLCC or Bukit Bintang, or hit the happening places, clubs, and bar scenes in KL and you will see loads of sexy and beautiful Malaysian girls flaunting their stuff. The best of all, in Malaysia, you will get to oggle different kinds of beauty: Chinese Malaysian girls, Malay girls, Indian girls, and mixed girls (Chinese & Malay mixed, Malay & Indian mix, and Eurasions / Hapas).

When it comes to famous Malaysian girls, Malaysia has also produced quite a bit, and some of them have gained international fame such as Michelle Yeoh, Ling Tang (supermodel who appeared in ads such as Calvin Klein) and most recently, Amber Chia, who is the spokesmodel for Guess Watch and have graced various magazines and ads.

In this blog, I will post hot pictures of these sexy and beautiful Malaysian girls. So don't go away.

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